How to be a clown without stop being a woman

In a fun and witty fashion, Tita and Nubi  approach topics such as beauty, the couple, bulimia, seduction and self-esteem. Weaving through ironic and extravagant situations, they lead the audience to reflect about the stereotypes which attempt to define what a woman is.

They create an atmosphere of paper dolls, an ancient toy that has served to subtly show the way a girl should behave. In that world, Tita and Nubi find other absurd and irreverent ways to explore their femininity.

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A photo camera show


First show by Sopa de Clown, created in 2005.

An old photo camera records the follies of these clowns, who play with what they find in the world of photography. The audience may be portrayed, all of a sudden, in a wacky situation and still laugh at themselves, as a clown usually does.


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Ding, Dong, Dang

A Christmas show with a snow white sense of humor


Tita and Nubi go on a merry journey and from their apparently ordinary baggage they bring out the magic of Christmas spirit. Common situations, such as chanting carols in a Christmas concert, preparing a turkey for the dinner, decorating the tree, celebrating New Year’s Eve, breaking the piñata, and opening the presents become wacky gags.

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We are neither children nor grown-ups…



Two teenager clowns are “thrown out” from the school-bus. They enjoy that momentary freedom and go in search of their own identity, giving rise to fun concerns and weaknesses.

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Te estamos  preparando una sorpresa….

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